Red Wine Chicken Curry

Here are a some links to other great cookery related web sites:

The Web's Best Recipes
This site has a collection of links to some great recipes. They also have sections listing recipes by famous chefs (Nigella Lawson, Jamie Oliver, Delia Smith etc).
Baby Organix
Recipes and plenty of advice for feeding babies. They also produce their own range of organic baby food.

Family Corner Magazine
Parents are always searching for good solid advice when it comes to their family and home life. Everything from teething, fitness, teenagers, home decorating and harvesting your herb garden. Visit our special holiday sections!

Happy Families
Happy Families gives a light-hearted look at family life where you can share your stories and your home pages with likeminded families around the USA and the world. The site includes a section on quick recipes.

Muffin Recipes
This excellent site is dedicated to muffin recipes.
Web's Best Gardening
There is nothing better than cooking your own freshly harvested vegetables and fruit. This site has links covering every aspect of gardening. Of particular interest is the section on organic vegetable growing.

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