Rating: 10/10
Pros: Brilliant colour index of all recipes. Step by step instructions. Fully illustrated.
Cons: I really cannot think of anything to complain about!

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New Step by Step Cookbook
by Good Housekeeping
List Price: £19.99

This is a tremendous book for beginners. Inside you will find over 750 recipes, all illustrated in full colour with step by step instructions. All of the recipes are straight forward, and every one I tried gave good results.

I often complain about the lack of photographs in cookbooks - I think most people want to see what they are aiming at - but this book goes to the opposite extreme. Not only are there pictures for every recipe, but there is a full colour index of every single recipe: each recipe has a picture and a brief description. This is surely the best way there is to choose recipes from a book.

You will find that the book contains a wide variety of recipes. All the recipes we tried gave excellent results, and we found the step by step instructions particularly easy to follow.

The layout and style of the recipes makes this book particularly suitable for beginners - and a great gift for anyone who wants to learn.

Available on-line in the UK from Amazon.co.uk

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