Rating: 9/10
Pros: Great recipes, with simple instructions. Colour index of recipes.
Cons: Range of recipes is a little limited due to the low fat criteria - but not by much.

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Step-by-step Low-fat Cooking
by Good Housekeeping
List Price: £19.99

The introduction to this excellent book says: "The aim of this book is to provide delicious low fat recipes that will satisfy every taste, and that are easy to prepare using the step-by-step instructions." This is an accurate summary of what you will find within: a book full of low fat recipes which give great results.

The first thing you will notice about the book is the colur index, where every single recipe in the book is pictured and briefly described. This is brilliant - you can just flip through it and choose something that catches your eye. The recipes themselves feature larger pictures, and occasional extra pictures as part of the method. The method is laid out in esy to follow steps. The fat and calories per serving are listed against each recipe, making it ideal for anyone on a calorie controlled or low fat diet. And of course, the emphasis is on low fat as the title suggests.

The book is split into the usual sections, as foolows: Soups, featuring recipes such as "Red Pepper and Sweet Potato Soup" and Minestrone. Starters includes recipes for "Marinated Salmon" and "Leek Terrine". The Fish and Shellfish section is extensive, here you will find "Seafood Kebabs", "Grilled Scallops" and recipes for plaice, turbot, scallops, swordfish and monkfish to name but a few.

Following the fish is the Meat Dishes Chapter. This again is extensive, surprisingly so given the low fat angle of the book. My favorite recipes in this section were "Tandoori Style Chicken", "Chicken Fajitas", "Barbecue Chicken" and "Duck Breasts with Pickled Plums" (all of which I have made several times). Its not just poultry either, with lamb, beef, pork and venison recipes on offer.

The next two sections are Pasta and Rice, and Vegetables and Salads, which are then followed by the failry short Vegetarian Dishes. Once again there is a wide variety of recipes, such as "Prawn and Lemon Risotto" and "Vegetable Couscous". The final chapter of recipes is for desserts, which includes the fabulous "Black Forest Roulade" (did someone say low fat?).

This is an excellent book, the recipes are all very easy to follow and the ones I tried were successful. If you are on a low fat diet then this book is a must. Even if you are not watching your fat intake, this is still a valuable book - you will find many recipes that you will like (and lower fat recipes are still a good thing). Indeed, you would never know that many of these recipes were low fat if you were served them.

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