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Ken Hom's Hot Wok - 150 One-pan Wonders
by Ken Hom
List Price: £12.99

Amazon.co.uk Review
Ken Hom, star of several BBC television cookery series including Hot Wok, has a natural exuberance and passion for Asian food which is vibrantly evident in this delicious, entertaining and useful cookbook. Filled with more than 150 recipes that are designed to be prepared in the wok, it offers tidbits of cultural information based on Ken Hom's childhood in his Chinese family, his travels throughout Asia, his continuing exploration of various Asian cuisines.

Well-organised into chapters that begin with
Notes on the Recipes and end with an amusing collection of desserts (including Fluffy Steamed Cantonese Cake--yes, made in a wok!), the book dispels any fears about wok cookery or Asian ingredients by clearly spelling out just how to buy and care for one and clearly describing the others.

Ken Hom is a world citizen--he was brought up in the United States, now lives in the south of France and travels throughout Asia. He skillfully adapts recipes from his life and his travels. Recipes like Stir Fried Fish With Black Bean Sauce is a classic from Mr. Hom's mother's kitchen, while an aromatic and lightly spicy Vietnamese-style Noodle Soup or Thai-style Noodles with Chicken takes the cook on a delightfully savoury journey.

The recipes are aimed at the cook who is comfortable in the kitchen. Any cook, however, accompanied by Ken Hom's depth of knowledge and his helping hand, will enjoy recipes cooked in their own hot wok!
--Susan Loomis

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Available on-line in the UK from Amazon.co.uk

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