Rating: 8/10
Pros: Well explained recipes that really work. Recreate your local take-away favorites.
Cons: A little tricky for the complete beginner. You need a lot of different spices - but that's curries for you!

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Pat Chapman's Curry Bible
by Pat Chapman
List Price: £20.00

If you love Indian take-aways, and want to recreate you favorites at home, then you need this book. Although curries can be quite tricky to get right, this book is almost foolproof - provided you follow the recipes carefully. It contains recipes for Chicken Korma, Chicken Tikka Masala, Roghan Josh Gosht, Vindaloo, Jalfrezi and many more.

The step by step instructions are clear and precise, and each main recipe is pictured. There is an A-Z of spices, along with details of how to mix up your own basic curry powder. Although this requires you to get hold of about 15 different spices, it gives excellent results (I have not been able to find any "asafoetida", but it does not seem to matter). I must confess that I do not make my own Garam Masala - it is far easier to buy it - but the results are still delicious.

Many of the curries can be partially prepared in advance - I like to make two curries for my dinner guests, and make the basic sauces in advance, meaning I can finish them off in about half an hour.

Curries are not the easiest meals to cook, and as such some beginners may find it difficult at first, but I know of no better book than this if you want to cook your own take-away style curries.

You can purchase your spices on line in the US from Kitchen Etc.

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