Rating: 8/10
Pros: Pages and pages of easy muffin recipes. Lots of useful advice. Step by step pictures for the breads.
Cons: The sweet and savoury muffin recipes are strangely intermingled.

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Muffins, Scones & Breads
by Australian Women's Weekly
List Price: £4.99

This book from the excellent Australian Women's Weekly Cookbook series is split into three sections: Muffins, Breads & Scones (no surprises there then). The measurements are helpfully given in both Australian cups and metric (grams and ml).

The muffins section contains about 40 pages of recipes. The sweet muffins range from the expected (Blueberry muffins, Banana & Date muffins, apple spice muffins etc) to the rather unusual such as Nutty Pear muffins and the awful sounding Chocolate Beetroot muffins. Whatever your tastes, you are sure to find muffins to suit them! There are some interesting ideas in there as well, such as the muffins which contain chopped up Mars bars. All of the recipes I tried came out succesfully, as you would expect from a book in this series - although I would also have to say that muffins ar eone of the easiest things to make.

The savoury muffins, which are rather strangely intermingled with the sweet muffins, cover a similarly broad range of tastes: Cheesy Pizza muffins, Arrabiata muffins to Peppered Zucchini & Leek muffins and Tandoori Lamb muffins!

There is also a helpful hints section at the start, and a basic recipe which can be adapted in almost any way you like. One point worth noting is that many of the recipes require buttermillk - this is readily available from large supermarkets, but smaller ones often do not stock it. All of the recipes in this book are shown in colour photographs.

The breads section offers about 50 pages of recipes, covering various types of loaves along with hot cross buns, doughnuts and pizza. There are many regional recipes, such as Roti, Pumpernickel, Bagels, Stollen and Pagnotta. Most of the recipes include step by step photos along with the usual colour photo of the finished product, which is a definite bonus.

Finally, the scones section again offers a braod range of recipes, spread over about 30 pages. The recipes are straightforwards and concise. Beginners might find these recipes, and the bread recipes, a little difficult as they require kneading, but with a little perserverance you will be producing great results.

To sum up this book, it contains stacks of great and easy muffin recipes, and also includes breads and scones. If you love muffins, in particular, then this book is essential.

Available on-line in the UK from Amazon.co.uk

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